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Activists Threaten To Hold Demonstrations Over “Forced” Vaccination Exercise

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A section of Civil Society groups has now threatened to hold a nationwide strike should government move and deny anyone services because of not being vaccinated against Covid 19.

Led by Civil Society Reference Group Cidi Otieno, the activists claim that such moves are colonial and are not anchored in the law.

Otieno says the government should invest much on creating awareness on the importance of being vaccinated against Covid-19 but imposing force.

“The people of Kenya have a right of choice because the government cannot force people to get vaccines if they do not want to. The government is acting in a suspicious manner because it is like the government is trying to push the interest of some pharmaceutical companies. Kenyans have a right of choice and when one decides to be vaccinated that is their choice. It is very sad and unacceptable for the government to tell us that those who have not been vaccinated cannot get government services,’’ Cidi said.

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Cidi blamed the government for using what he termed as ‘unorthodox’ ways in enforcing vaccination exercise.

‘‘So if the government is telling people that those who have not been vaccinated should not get government services then they should also tell us that those who have been vaccinated are exempted from pay taxes. You cannot get taxes from Kenyans and then tell them they cannot get services from government offices and if such plans continues then we shall have a mass protest,’’ he stated.

Amnesty Country Director Irungu Houghton said no one should be denied essential services and such actions are against citizens’ rights.

“These are all fundamental constitutional rights and freedoms. It should be noted that most countries introducing mandates for public and private facilities have already reached the 60-70 per cent threshold of vaccination,” he said in a statement.

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