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The activists are sceptical that the court may be ruled in favour of the state.

They want the state to implement austerity measures on current expenditure

A group of seasoned human rights activists have expressed concerns over the out Finance Act amid petition hearing.


Operation Linda Ugatuzi director Prof Fredrick Ogolla said that supreme and the court of appeal having lifted the stay order is grey area to make the public apprehensive of its outcome.


He urged Justice Majanja to act independently with fera of intimidation by the executive, Parliament, and the Supreme Court.


“You have to act independently, usiogope serikali,usiogope supreme court or the parliament is you what to save kenyans,the petition should restore trust of kenyans on Justice system.” Prof Ogolla said.


He assued Kenyan that the OLU will remain strong to conduct its watchdog roles to ensure transparency in and high level of integrity.


He also accused the state of not implementing austerity measures in the expenditure that he termed a burden to the taxpayers.


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The seasoned activist opined that the government should phase out the use of high-end cars that consume relatively much fuel by state officials and adopted low-fuel consuming cars as a way of refusing on expenditures.


“Wacheni hizo magari kubwa kubwa, punguzeni mizigo kwa wananchi,kenyans are having tough times,” he said.


Unlike the previous hearing,Milimani Law Courts precincts remain calm, with only a few police officers patrolling the area.


September 13, 2023

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