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Actor Baha’s Wife Trolled Over Baby Weight

Content creator Georgina Njenga has addressed trolls from netizens for gaining weight after delivering her baby.

Georgina who is the girlfriend to actor Tyler Mbaya famously known as Baha says that those trolling her are people who have their own insecurities.

According to her she is at peace with her appearance.

 “Hautawaipata mtu amejiweka vizuri akikutroll ama akicomment vibaya kwa post yako. It is always the ones with insecurities who want to project their own issues on you,” she says.

The first time mom added that she was okay with the bodily changes that came with motherhood since she believes that everything happened for the wellness of her baby.

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“I am okay with any body change that will happen for the sake of my baby,” said Georgina.

Georgina says that she will not let anyone who trolls her go scot- free saying that she will always address them since such comments have been part of life since she went to the public eye and that she has been receiving hateful comments from when she was petite.

“I will always address anyone who hating on me since even when I was tiny, some people would still hate on me. Its okay not to be okay.”

By  Stella Anyango