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Actor Nick Mutuma Reveals How Women Still Hit On Him

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By Steve Osaka

Celebrated actor Nick Mutuma has revealed how girls still hit on him despite him being in a long time relationship with actress and fashion designer Bridget Shighadi.

The actor who has morphed into a film director and currently enjoying the success of his film “Sincerely Daisy” says that the hitting mostly happens when he is emceeing out of town events.

“These out of town events when you are emceeing I think that’s when things get a little chaotic, people find out where you are staying…unajua tu ile mtu anakwama na wewe mpaka anakutafuta pahali unakaa, anakuja anabisha kwa mlango unashangaa… what’s going on, you just have to have a sense of discipline. Keep your eyes on the prize and stay focused,” narrated the actor.

Mutuma says that his looks have got him cast as a “nice guy” something that he wishes film directors should shun and challenge him in other roles as a ‘bad guy’.

His fans are however thinking otherwise, insisting that he sticks to his “cool guy” roles.

“Nick can’t be a bad guy ????,” wrote Mercie Ndanu.

“Let’s appreciate how attractive this guy is ????,” Lauryn W said.

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“Back in high school ungeona magazine iko na Nick Mutuma ulikuwa unapanga line ndo uipate ???waaah he was a crush, still looking good though ??Humility is the way to go,” wrote Kangethe Tennil.

The U. S. I. U alumni who is currently living with his partner Shighadi has a daughter named Dua.

Mutuma has featured in shows such as Tabasamu, Changes and This Is It.

He had also been cast alongside Award winning Kenyan – Mexican actress Lupita Nyong’o in 2008, in the show ‘Shuga’.

Mutuma has fond memories of Lupita, depicting her as a go-getter.

“She’s just a cool chick, very calm, very focused on set, even then I remember thinking that this girl can go global,” Said Nick of Lupita.

He believes the Kenyan art industry is on a renaissance and advises parents to let their children explore their talents.

“When you see talent in your child you must push it, entertainers are some of the most successful people, so why not give your child that support?” he posed.