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Actress Sandra Dacha shares Comedian Othuol Othuol’s last moments 


Auntie Boss actress Sandra Dacha popularly known as Silprosa on the TV show has taken to social media to pen an emotional message to fallen comedian Othuol Othuol.

Dacha who was a close friend to the comedian and who has been by his side all through said she was too broken to bid her friend goodbye.

She shared a photo standing beside the comedian’s bedside a day before his death revealing that Othuol did  not want visitors then.

“This was yesterday. I tried calling on your name a number of times but you kept giving me cold eyes…Your hands were telling me to go away…you did all that ndio utuwache Othuol??” she wrote

In a separate post she revealed that she had gone to view the comedian’s body at the morgue, something that left her shattered.

“Seeing you inside the morgue has totally crushed me Othuol Othuol. My heart is heavy Osiepna” she wrote

The actress had been keeping fans updated on Othuol’s condition from the first time he was rushed to the hospital.