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Adekunle’s Concert Marred By Theft And Rape


Visiting Nigerian Singer Adekunle Kosoko popularly known as Adekunle Gold was the highlight during Saturday’s concert dubbed ‘Destination Africa Festival’ at the Ngong Racecourse grounds with reports of theft and rape taking center stage.

Taking to social media platforms, outraged partygoers shared their disappointments from the low key performance further claiming that there were cases of theft and rape at the event.

“Adekunle’s nightmares ndio zimeanza kustream in.. From wizi to rape case.. In who’s concert are we safe?” posed @Its_Roddie.

“Adekunle Gold performance was Shit! Guy sang okay last and didn’t even finish verse 2.Lights went off when he was singing high and the only 2 hit songs that had people jamming were :Pretty girl and it is what it is. But Bro when Nyashinki got on stage!” lamented @ngigekamuyu.

The alleged rape incident reportedly happened at the parking lot during the wee hours of the night to a female fan who was highly inebriated and had lost track of her colleagues.

The narrator, Boy child Malcom X, revealed that at one point the victim was denied treatment at Nairobi Women’s Hospital for undisclosed reasons.


“We rushed her to Nairobi Women’s near Four Points by Sheraton. The doc just talked to her a bit. Didn’t even get her information and then they told us that we should go home and bring her in the morning at 9am. Like wtf! This is a sensitive case action needs to be taken like asap, “he exclaimed.

Things got underway after a friend placed several phone calls to a higher authority.

“We were then advised to go back to Sheraton branch cause calls had been made for her to be assisted. Right now she is at least good but we hope she will get better with time. Time heals🙏,” he continued in part of his statement.

Kenyan Celebrities Who Graced The Event

The event that happened on Kenyan soil had a good number of local celebrities who also showcased making the night memorable not mentioning the side shows. From Xenia, Fena Gitu, Otile Brown to Nyashinki it was all a star studded combination.

By Steve Osaka