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  • Mr Eazi acknowledges the power of Afrobeats in Africa’s music industry
  • Burna Boy of Nigeria is taking the lead as best Afro-beat artist of all time

Nigerian decorated singer  Mr Eazi has acknowledged the power of Afrobeats in Africa’s music industry and he is of the opinion that it will unlock the continent’s creative economy and music industry at large. 

Speaking recently at the Los Angeles 2023 Milken Global Conference, the singer says  Naija music has the capacity to fund the African creative space. 

The ‘Wena’ hit-maker emphasized that Afrobeats is the next frontier for expanding and igniting the local creative economy that will shape Africa.

The Nigerian artist-cum-entrepreneur stated that music from the continent contributes to the export of African goods to other countries and shapes global culture in addition  boosting the continent’s economy.

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Mr. Eazi claims that by doing this, Afrobeats fosters opportunities for cross-cultural interaction while preserving our culture.

His sentiments were in line with the conference’s ‘Africa: Next Frontier for the Creative Economy’ theme. Mr. Eazi also discussed the obstacles that the African music industry faces, such as infrastructural and equity challenges that hurdle investment.

Meanwhile Burna Boy of Nigeria is taking the lead as best Afro-beat artist of all time.

Fans Reaction  on Various Social Media

It’s all about the vibrations. Afrobeats makes you happy and want to dance and that’s what music should be about. That’s why 90s r&b still hitting till this day. Unfortunately Americans allowed gang bangers to be the face of your ‘culture.


You don’t even have to understand most of the Afrobeat Lyrics to be able to vibe to them, Afrobeat just hit! Afrobeat is worldwide not just in the states, All thanks to our Africa Brothers and sisters in diaspora for spreading Afrobeat wherever they go and makes other people feel the vibes…. Burna boy in particular is just getting started, his live performances and swag is fantastic.


I was in Africa for the first time and boy we’re late. I was in Tanzania and i went to almost every club and i can tell you i was fuckin shocked how much they never play any western music it’s Afrobeat or amapiano and they so happy to the point i was envious. It literally opened my eyes to the point i feel miserable in the state. I’m serious.


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