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  • Despite his disability, Abel Kirwa has today received honors at this year’s Kenyatta University 53rd Graduation ceremony.
  • How to make life easier for people living with disabilities.
  • Kenyans congratulate Kirwa for the achievement.

By his graduation, Abel Kirwa a disabled person who people did not imagine could graduate became a hero to many today.

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles, this words can be used to describe him. He is part of this year’s Kenyatta University graduands receiving their honors despite his disability.

The Course as Netizens react.

“Against all odds, I conquered it!

I believed I could…so I did Bachelor of Library & Information Science #KU53rdGraduation” He tweeted.

Kirwa is a graduate of Bachelor of Library & Information Science.

As word spread, netizens congratulated him.

“Wow, I didn’t know a day that I will be so happy like today bro, your success is joy to see.Get it from me Abel, you’re a Genius, a winner! Let’s enjoy your big Day”

“Congratulations. Onward to more success”

“Well in congratulations, Incredible stuff”

“Big congratulations my brother! Well deserved, no human is limited, you are blessed”

7 things that would make Life better for People Living with Disabilities.

• Allowing them to be part of development and decision making organs

•Provision of meaningful employment

•Supporting organizations of people living with disabilities

•Tax exemption

•Awarding scholarships, loans and fees subsidies to PWDs and their children

•Availability of subsidized health care and education

•Creating a legal framework to ensure all public buildings, institutions and vehicles are user friendly.

Above all, people living with disabilities need love and acceptance in leading a normal life.

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