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Agony As Man Struggles To Care For Wife Bedridden For Seven Years


By Arnold Olando


A young man in in Kinoo area is struggling to take care of his ailing wife who has been bedridden for more than seven years.

Antony Kangai says his wife Hannah Kangai suffered eclampsia, a high blood pressure condition that mostly affects women during pregnancy or after giving birth.

Kangai who works in a barber shop says the condition damaged his wife’s brains immediately throwing her into a coma after giving birth to their now seven year old daughter.

“In Hannah’s case she was normal when she had our child Blessed Kangia  in 2012 April 29. After the pregnancy she went into a coma and i was told by her doctor that Hannah can’t do anything since her brain was damaged by the pressure,” narrated Antony.

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He says when she woke up, she was only able to see and speak but was unable to move.

Seven years later, his wife’s condition has not changed, he is however trying to manage her condition by getting her a therapy who he says charges Ksh. 2,000 per session.

“Its been seven years since Blessed was born and still her mother has not gotten better . She is still bed ridden at home not able to move but only see and speak. The baby has grown and is now seven years very lovely, outgoing and marvelous  and all in the grace of God.” he further stated.

Kangai says his wife Hannah stayed at the Kenyatta Hospital for three months got discharged with a huge bill which by that time he was unable to raise.

He revealed to Ghetto Radio that he sneaked her out of hospital during a doctors’ strike to avoid being detained at the hospital for lack of funds.

Anthony is encouraging people living in the same condition as he is that there is hope in anything they go through .