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  • The two brothers were allegedly tortured by the after Azimio demos.
  • They died in the same facility while receiving statement.

Family of Everlyne Achungo in Nyalenda Kisumu is devastated and thrown in agony following the loss of two brothers in one week.

Brian Oniang’o 22, passed away today few days after the death of his older brother
William Amulele 24.
They are alleged to be part of victims removed from the house in Nyalenda and brutally tortured by the police after three-day Azimio demonstrations.

According to their mother Everlyne Achungo the two did not participate in anti-government demonstrations as stated by the police and that they were literally removed from their house and beaten mercilessly the officers.
“Hawakuwa kwa maandamano polisi walivuta watoto wangu kutoka kwa nyumba wakawachapa na marungu na kukanyaga….daktari aliniambia huyu Brian aliumia kwa skull yake na polisi kusema maandamano hiyo hapana..Sasa kwa wiki Moja nimebaki hivi wamekufa wote haki serikali itupe haki Mimi hata Sina uwezo.”Achungo told the media.

Residents Demands

Meanwhile Nyalenda residents are demanding for an apology from President William Ruto saying it was shameful for the President to say ‘police did a good job’ during the anti-government demonstrations yet several people have lost lives due to police brutality.
“It is unfortunate that the President who should protect us from harm is the one praising those harming us…we must call on him to issue unconditional apology to the victims that were murdered and tortured during the Azimio Protests not in Nyalenda alone but country wide.” Sam Dibo said.
“Baba pia sasa amalize hii maandamano kwa Sababu watu wetu wanakufa watafute njia za amani kusuluhisha tofauti zao sio poa watoto wa wenyewe kukufa hivi tuko na huzuni kubwa imagine family Moja inapoteza watu wawili mara Moja very young and energetic men dying like chicken because of brutality and politics not worth it at all.” Another resident said.

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