In Summary

  • Faith Adongo  was stabbed in the neck.
  • Attempt to rescue her in the hospital were unfruitful.

A first year student at Pwani University Faith Adongo was stabbed to death by unknown assailants in Kilifi town on her way home.

According to the police she met her death along the Misufuni road at around 7.30 pm .

Attempt by Pwani University student Association Chairman Nashon Okoth to mobilize for blood donation to rescue her did not materialized due to excessive bleeding.

Some of the students who are deemed were in her company have recorded statement with the police.

Police Action

Kilifi county police commander Fatuma Hadi says they are pursuing various leads into the murder and also activated special unit to pursue the suspects.

She said they are working with the college in an effort to establish the assailants  motive.

“The girl was barely days old in college so we want to know what happened and why,” she said.

Hadi said a number of students had recorded statements about the incident.

Students Demands

Meanwhile the incidents has sent fear amongst the students with many of them demanding total security and prompt arrests of those who stabbed to death their colleague.

They claim the incident of insecurity has been rampart and it was high time security personnel in the area take their work with seriousness it deserves.

‘‘This is not proper we can not be butchered like goats and hens as we pursue our education  the life is sacred and no one should be left to perpetrate danger on us..we want to call upon Pwani University administration to move with speed and unravel the motive of this matter. It is unacceptable and we shall not allow the same. The police should do their job how can someone be butchered like that and we have security officer in this area?’’ One of student leaders said.

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