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Agony for worshipers as private developer demolishes church


Cries rented the air yesterday as helpless worshipers watched as a bulldozer brought down their church in Nairobi’s Pumwani area in Kariokor/Ziwani ward.

The worshipers of the Church of Wings Of Life claim that the bulldozer descended on their church Wednesday night at 11.30 PM past curfew hours through to Thursday morning.

Gerishon Njoroge the Archbishop of the church says that they have occupied the land for more than 25 years since 1997.

According to Njoroge, the private developer showed them documents dated 2018.

“Land which has been occupied and the document that he holds are dated 2018, can you compare 2018 with 1997?” posed Njoroge.

Njoroge’s counterpart Wycliffe Asigi says that they did not get any court order or notice from the private developer.

“Over 300 members have been affected. So when we demolish the church, we are affecting all 300 families plus.,” said Asigi.

“We haven’t gotten any court orders, haven’t gotten anything from the police or whoever giving us the notice to vacate,” he said.

He further questioned the timing of the demolition saying it raises more eyebrows on how the private developer acquired papers for the church.

“The churches have been closed, we are not supposed to be anywhere passed 8 PM. Does this include special services? When the church ins being demolished at 11.30 PM are these special services being offered?” Where is God in our country?” posed Asigi.

The church which sits on a 0.16 hectares land also had a school and a bible college.

Study bibles worth more than Ksh. 20,000 were also destroyed in the demolition.