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In Summary

•Blinded by love

•Depression and Suicide

•Kidnapping attempt

If you think you’ve heard of a heart wrenching story, wait till you hear the saddest predicament of a young man Edwin Kolvi  popularly known as Blu Tiger who was blinded by

love and ended up donating his kidney to his mother in law before he got dumped by his girlfriend.

Well,at the height of covid -19 pandemic in 2020, Fresh from high school, Blue Tiger had landed his first job as an instructor in a city’s driving school, he was in charge of taking the students through theory lessons.


It’s from this job that he met his then girlfriend that came from a well to do family, she was cruising a state of the art whip.

Their love blossomed and Blu Tiger who harboured musical ambitions and couldn’t afford to record a music video got the much needed help from his monied girlfriend leading to the production of the video without coughing a single cent.

Later, the girlfriend informed him of her mother’s sickness, she claimed she had been bedridden at the hospital for five months though she didn’t disclose what was ailing her.

“After video two weeks later akaniambia mama yake ni mgonjwa,her mom has been sick ako hosi for five months kama supporting boyfriend si lazima ufike everyone does that pia mimi nikaenda kufika kuona mama yake,hakuniambia what her mom was suffering but tukaenda,” Stated Blu Tiger

At the hospital,He met other family members before sinister conversations kicked in which he couldn’t easily relate to.

“Kufika nikapata few family members like five so then some of the relatives ndio wakaanza kusema ‘the doctor came akasema none of you is matching’ unashindwa watu wana match nini huku uko confused, ” He narrated

It’s the doctor who dropped the bombshell revealing the ailing woman’s sickness after inquiring if Blu Tiger was indeed related to them.She needed an urgent kidney transplant failure to which she would die.

“This woman right here unamwona she’s suffering from kidney disease one of it ime collapse and amekaa hapa for five months and for five months and for those five months amebaki na few weeks kama hatapata transplant atakufa,” Said the Doctor.

Blu Tiger was then asked to step up and salvage the situation by undergoing a series of test’s to verify his compatibility which turned out positive.

He was now the Messiah,his girlfriend beckoned him to save his mother by donating his kidney which he willingly agreed for love.

Blu Tyger IMAGE /FB

Before the operation he was offered two options,8 million in exchange for his kidney which would in turn cut ties with his then girlfriend or choose the girlfriend, he opted to have the girlfriend due to his loyalty.

Blu Tiger was given papers which needed consent from his guardian, he failed to notify anyone and kept it to himself before he finally underwent the surgery.

After the Successful surgery,he was picked up by his girlfriend in the company of his brother. The girlfriend would soon inform him that he had a boyfriend who was abroad and had checked in at the airport.He was no longer needed,he was abandoned at a Nairobi mall,he had to find his way home using a bodaboda.

Depression and Suicide

Soon depression kicked in which led him contemplating suicide more than 10 times. He had missed both love and money in exchange for his kidney. Out of all his suicide attempts none worked, he had tried swallowing hundreds of pills all in vain. He also learnt of death report and even came across a Whatsapp group that was contributing money towards his send off, a friend later claimed he was faking his death to earn money for his musical journey.

Kidnapping Attempt

After gathering courage and sharing his plight, there have been attempts to have him killed. He revealed surviving by a whisker.

Many have termed Blu Tiger’s story as a well orchestrated syndicate, a booming kidney business. What’s your take on this? Leave a comment.

By Steve Osaka.


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