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Aibu Sana:- Gabu Allegedly Hits Two Waitress At XS Millionaires Club


One of P-Units main act, Buganya, popular as Gabu is on the receiving end not for washing his hands with a Kshs. 50,000/- Moet & Champagne bottle but for allegedly assaulting a petite waitress at XS Millionaires.

Gabu is allegedly accused of arriving at the club at around and asking for Sheesha. At that time, the Sheesha guy had already left and a polite waitress offered to make one for him. Since she was not an expert in making Sheesha, the said waitress is said to have taking a bit long, something that sent Gabu into tantrums before he started throwing bottles to the waitress.

Gabu later flew to Uganda, and is saod to have used Babu Owino to defend him when he learnt police were on his neck.

The events of the incident have been since narrated through Twitter by a Twitter account holder @NjambiT;

“This @buganyapunit checks in @ 6am today morning at the club. Orders for his drinks and shisha. It is 6 am so the club is closing. He was served, but the shisha guy had already left. But one of the waitresses offered to make one for him. But it took longer than expected. He started throwing tantrums because the shisha is taking long. The waitresses tried to explain that the shisha guy had left. He started throwing insults, he had with him *his bouncers, who pushed the waitresses (a very petite one ) to the ground.”

The tweep continued, “Him @buganyapunit together with his bouncer started throwing bottles at the waitresses and the club bouncers when he came to intervene.”

When reached by Ghafla for comments, Gabu had nothing to say. However, he took to his respective social media platforms to address the  allegations. Surprisingly, Gabu kinda confirmed the allegations allied against him saying that he shall “apologise to the staff and clear the air personally”.

His statement read, “Some Tweets concerning an incident that happened on Sunday prior to my departure have been dissolved With apologies to the staff. I am now back to Nairobi and shall clear the air personally.”

Check out the tweeps from the incident’s witness, one Njambi;