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  • AirBnb is the worst service business, DJ protege.
  • From defaulting on payments, negative reviews from clients to uncouth use of the facility the celebrated entertainer saw it all.
  • DJ Protege further noted that there’s so much happenings behind AirBnb services with owners keeping mum for the sake of keeping their businesses afloat.

The recent femicide cases involving AirBnb homes has led DJ Protege to confess that indeed they are the worst service business noting that he went through hell accumulating losses and would never ever invest in such ventures.

Taking to his Instagram, DJ Protege affirmed that he learnt through experience in his two year stint running the facility.

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“Throw back to my Airbnb landlord days!! Wueh!! No university can teach you human psychology better than working in service industry! Running an Airbnb gave me two years of premium character development, nothing will take me back” Wrote DJ Protege.

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Uncouth Behaviors

While sharing his nightmares, Protege noted that many clients appear as noble members of the society with moral characters.

However, this is not the case when these people set foot on AirBnb apartments as their uncouth behaviors are unmasked.

From defaulting on payments, negative reviews to leaving the facility dirtied, Protege saw it all. This led Protege falling out with several of his clients in regard to the shenanigans encountered.

“Imagine bedsheets, towels covered with sh*t, sometimes even blood, people using white towels to clean muddy shoes. Bashes etc.

Shocking thing is it comes from people who appear upstanding in society, I’ve hosted pastors, foreigners, celebs, a lot of married folks, Islamic youth, people with top of the range cars you name it, all bringing a side piece, all expecting 5 star treatment at 3 star prices. I lost count how many people we kosanad(fell out), some almost coming to blows.

Some go as far as to deliberately post negative reviews to kill your business” continued his long post.

Protege further shared a few of the nasty experiences with one case involving a son to a former presidential candidate who defaulted on his payments.

Another case involved an army officer who scaled down from the 4th floor at night while evading paying.

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He didn’t end there, he also narrated a story of a family from America who ran out of cash and turned to hawking to eke out a living.

Protege further noted that there’s so much happenings behind AirBnb services with owners keeping mum for the sake of keeping their businesses afloat.

With the current mush-rooming of Airbnb services, Protege wondered if the current players barely make profits noting that they were less than 50 when he started.

While summing up his long post, he maintained that he’s not discouraging anyone from running an Airbnb business.


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