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Airforce Officers Impose Unlawful ‘Curfew’ In Mathare


airforceThe residents of Mathare 3C slum in Nairobi are pleading for governments’ intervention over the alleged harassment by the Kenya air force officers in the area.

The residents claim that Kenya air force officers from the nearby Moi air Base are allegedly beating them and destroying their property if found outside at 9PM.

The first alarm over the harassment of Mathare Residents by the Air force officers was raised by Vincent Mwangi a resident of the area.

“Has the government been given to the military since 30th December because the air force officers have been harassing people from Number 10 stage to 3C in Mathare,” stated Mwangi.

“When they meet you outside shortly after 9PM, they make you kneel down, crawl on your stomach and even make you drink from dirty alley water,” lamented Mwangi.

Rose Anyango a resident of the area says the operation has been going on since last week on Tuesday.

They are demanding for answers from the government over the an announced curfew in the area imposed by the ariforce officers.