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Akothee angered, pained by Bridget Achieng’s video


Singer and businesswoman Akothee has comment on socialite Bridget Achieng’s video that was shared online.

The Self-proclaimed President of Single Mothers says that she is pained with what happened to Bridget Achieng who is a mother of one.

She has called out the socialite’s friends for exposing her nudity with no regard to her child.

 “For those heartless, insensitive, malicious, sad, losers, before you tear a mother into pieces, think of the children that regard her highly as the only savior and guardian Angel. You can never replace anybody’s mother. Before you release a sex tape, nudes or any form of rubbish! Can you just think if it were your mother, sister, or relative,” she said.

Akothee further questioned the girls’ intentions for leaking out the socialite’s nude video.

“I don’t care if someone have my nudes somewhere and wants to release it to the world, what I care about is what was her mission during the time she was recording this. What will she gain for tearing another woman into pieces? We all have our bodies and we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, there is nothing new in a woman’s body that will shock the world. What I have is what your mother has. I am Soo pained with what has happened to Bridget’,” further read the post.

“We are not going to raise bitter children, just because your parents don’t raise you well. We are not responsible for your pain ! Any sober blogger would not fall into the trap of unleashing a woman’s body .kwani ilikuwa sex tape ?” wrote Akothee.