In summary
•Akothee alleges that Jaguar has consistently attacked her since 2016
•Claims she’s a threat to Jaguar who’s seeking relevance by mentioning her
•Advices Jaguar to stay in his lane

Following singer, Jaguar’s statement a fortnight ago that he is richer than female singer and businesswoman, Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee, whom ratings had placed above him, the latter is not letting go easily with attack after attack aimed at the kigeugeu hit maker.

The Hayakuhusu singer alleges that Jaguar has consistently attacked her since 2016.

Taking to her Instagram, Akothee shared a past media publication when Jaguar attacked her during the latter’s spat with rapper Prezzo.

In the publication, Jaguar had refered to Prezzo as the male version of Akothee.

“So mi ntaachia Shaffie hio job aongee na yeye kwa sababu Prezzo ni difficult,tunaweza enda studio tena aanze mavitu haziko.Unajua ni male version ya Akothee” partly stated Jaguar then

According to Akothee,her manager had advised her then not to respond to Jaguar who was seeking relevance through her.

“Huyu mutu kichwa yake imejaa tu AKOTHEE🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
This was 2016. My manager urged me to leave him,he is looking for relevance” Wrote Akothee

Akothee maintained that she is a threat to Jaguar even with the latter being offered a government job. She further went ahead and tore Jaguar with unprintable words to her chagrin.

“Hata saa hii amesaidiwa kazi kwa government I am still a threat to him.Chaliiiiiiiis what do you want from MRS SCHWEIZER
Chaliiiis after God Respect AKOTHEE

Stop calling me I am not your league” summed up Akothee partly.

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Fans Reactions

Jaguar’s latest beef with Akothee has been fodder to netizens who seems to be enjoying the fiasco. We camped on the commentary section and sampled a few.

“If someone keeps looking for trouble, it’s trouble he/she will find.Madam Boss fire this one 😂😂😂” wrote one fan

“Pengine anakutaka na ako shy 😂😂” wrote a second fan

“He’s trying to promote his current song with “Akothee” in the mouth 😂😂😂” fired another fan

However, others felt Akothee was now going overboard as she had earlier shredded Jaguar apart.

“Umezidi sasa siz😤😤” shot one fan

“Woi mwacheni sasa ameskia😥” wrote a second fan

In the meantime, Jaguar’s new song with Tanzanian star, Lavalava has hit 162k views and still counting in just four days.

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