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See What Akothee Did For Her Parents


akothee-5She is known for her love for drama and headlines and two  days after releasing her new track ‘Benefactor’, Akothee posted photos of her shopping heavily for her parents and grand parents in preparation for the festive season. The flashy singer is seen to  shop at a local store holding a cheque book, many lauding her choice to support local businesses instead of going to mega supermarkets.  She took to her facebook page bragging  that before she undertakes on any other  of her responsibilities she always makes sure that her parents are well taken care off. Her post read,

‘Before I pay salaries to my employee’s, I start with my parents, & before I turn up in the clubs to impress public & enetertain fake friends with bottles of champagne, I top up my parents food store , blessings follow Mrs #benefactor , attend to your parents , they sponsored & made you a benefactor let them feel that the BENEFACTEE is greatfull & appreciate them , ask those without parents how it feels , it’s a vacuum no one can replace , God bless you in your hustle benefactor’

The self proclaimed Boss lady acknowledged that before she goes on a show off spree, she first appreciates the efforts of her folks in helping her become a benefactor. Akothee is the true definition of ‘zero chills’ , with her new jam seeming to promote the mentality of the end justifying the means.   In her introduction post on you tube she says

When you are successful, everyone has a story about how you got there, they even have names for it as well; don’t mind them, be an independent thinker and grab any opportunity that comes your way to make your life better. Sponsors do sponsor projects and not human beings. No one cares how you go about your bills; there is nothing like sponsors in life, it’s just but another name for hustling wisely. Be your own BENEFACTOR.”

Well, whether she is a benefactor or benefactee, it is absolutely noble of her to bless the stem in which she sprout from. Many youth who have been seen to floss flashy lifestyles have always been marred by controversies of not taking care of the parents. # SumbuaTarrif has set the trend, step up and surprise your folks this christmas.