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Akothee goes ham on Daughter’s account manager


Controversial singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee went from zero to one hundred in a split second thanks to her daughter’s manager.

In a post shared online, Akothee revealed that the person who manages her daughter’s accounts on social media decided to subject her daughter to online bullying.

According to Akothee, the manager put up a post on Facebook while her daughter Rue was sitting for an exam and the post took a nasty turn.

Apparently, the lady who was managing the young beauty’s account started a war with Ugandans after spewing hurtful words towards them.

“My children will have to learn the hard way, I am happy the devil is unveiling himself one by one, so this idiot running my daughters page subjected my child to online trolls while she in the middle of an exam ,and things took a different direction that he could not control ?If I take action ,people will say ,nadhulumu masikini ,Nowonder didn’t tell me & I cant catch her on fone Because she knows the person who messed her up ,once messed me up ,madam pick up that phone and answer the following questions, HOW DARE YOUR PERSON ASK UGANDANS WHY THEY ARE FOLLOWING YOU ? AND IF THEY DONT HAVE CELEBRITIES? DONT YOU THINK THIS IS MALICE ? My fans always alerting me when uji is served somewhere , help me protect this territory. Someone tag Rue to pick up that phone because I am burning. Although there was no reason to throw such insults at her! She personally didn’t even have an idea why she was being bullied, because the idiot now pulled down the post before Rue saw it ?? I wanna deal with this idiot one more time” Akothee said

The singer further went on to caution her daughter to stay off social media till she is done with her exam.

“You are not going to post anything until you finish your exams. I have a degree in insults and comebacks, I have seen what you have not seen in this world, so I have no chills,” she told Rue