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Akothee goes ham on Kenyan artistes over being cheap


BY Annette Amondi

Controversial singer Akothee went on a social media rant yesterday about why she does not do collabos with Kenyan artistes.

The singer said she does not like the cheap scandals in the Kenyan industry and that’s why she has steered clear of the collabos.

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“Someone asked me why I haven’t done collabos with Kenyan artistes. Its because I don’t like cheap scandals of ooh Akothee ananitaka na pressure za ujinga. Last time itried a collabo the song was never released.” She wrote in part.

The singer went on reveal that the only artistes she would work with are Victoria Kimani, Nameless, Nyota Ndogo, Musa Jakadala

She went on to add that some top artistes charge cheap then complain that they are not taken seriously.

“Its sad that some Kenyan artistes collect between 100 to 150K for a show and always available as curtain raisers for international acts who smile all the way to the bank. Then they come complain how badly they were treated by Kenyan promoters.” She said

She urged Kenyan artistes to respect themselves enough to change the music industry in the country.