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Akothee Goes Ham on Men asking her for their wives delivery money

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Singer Akothee has gone ham on men who call her when their wives are due just to ask for money.

The controversial singer was not mincing her words during a recent function when she asked men to ensure they start saving from the first trimester.

“You are calling me at midnight , that your wife needs to give birth and you have no money for hospital, but you have been warming the center for 9 months since when was pregnancy an emergency? After I’ve paid the bill, will you allow my brother test your wife now that we shared the bill ?” she said

Speaking at a recent event, Akothee told men to fuliza if they cannot foot their wives medical bill.

“If you can start saving as little as five shilling per month or else go Fuliza at the hospital.” She said

The singer also told off women to stop depending on their men for everything urging them to save and have mechanics to ensure they have a smooth pregnancy.


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