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Akothee hits back at social media critics warns young girls

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Controversial singer Akothee has hit back at her online critics who are always analyzing her lifestyle.

Akothee went ham on critics telling them she doesn’t know them and they should stop scrutinizing her lifestyle.

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“Some people were born naturally negative , they will say No 10 times and finally accept facts the 11th time, they see problems in each and every solution , You don’t have to catch feelings on each and every post I make, Imagine I don’t even know you or want to know who you are what you have and what not! , maybe you are reading my English in your mother tongue, kama hayakusu mbona yakuumize? comment rubbish at your own cost, na kama nimekukosea, nasema na nitarudia unikomee#naturalbae.” She said

The singer who has been called on so many occasions to be a role model, decided to also advice young girls at the same time asking her critics to stop misleading the young girls online.

“Young girls will not be swayed with lifestyles as I watch, si you said I be the role model , now I have come to model your girls by force , to stop taking loans to fund a lifestyle other that Business” she added