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Akothee mourns her grandfather (PHOTOS)

Akothee mourns her grandfather (PHOTOS)

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Controversial coast based singer Akothee is mourning the demise of her grandfather.

For anyone who follows Akothee online you will realize just how close the singer and her grandfather always were.

Yesterday morning Akothee took to Instagram to break the news of her grandfather’s passing.

The singer has always been vocal about her family and has even gone to lengths to encourage the young to take care of their aged parents and grandparents.

A distraught Akothee shared an emotional message saying how her grandfather’s death has broken her and left her in pieces.

“I wanted to enjoy the little I have with you , that’s the reason I built my home next to you , my heart is directly connected to you , You are the only true husband in my life,

I always wondered why your feet was cold , I would breakdown but never allow you to see me cry , ooh yes I have been praying to God to give me strength to accept when nature calls , I dint and never believed you are old , When I ask you of your age, you tell me endless unconnected stories , so you left me 2 assignments as most of them I cleared while you were alive , I promise you , I will do them,” she wrote.

The singer through her earlier posts had revealed that her grandfather had been ill for sometime.

Here are some memorable moments the singer shared with her grandfather.



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