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Akothee reveals adopted son lied about being an orphan

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Controversial singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has revealed her adopted son lied about being an orphan.

A few months back, the singer picked up Shadrack Mwita on one rainy evening and took him home after telling her he had nowhere else to.

The singer through her Akothee foundation, rented a house for Mwita and even took him to the hospital.

However in her recent post on social media, Akothee has revealed she recently found out Mwita lied to her about being an orphan.

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“Mission Accomplished. ❤❤❤❤Shadrack Mwita has fully recovered now?? and can hold and carry heavy things, he can stand on his feet and fend for himself other than begging due to disability?, he was back in the hospital APDK for 3 weeks ,to have his legs permanently fixed, which has been successfully achieved ?? However ,I had to learn how to detach The foundation from interfering with my private life and family life?? Shadracks Family reappeared in the picture ,and the pressure was too much for me to handle ??.” She said in part

Akothee further revealed that she has rented a house for Mwita to live in and will set him up with a business so that he can fend for himself.

She also revealed that the young lad recently started behaving negatively only to come back asking her to build a house for his grandmother.

“Moving forward , Shadrack has his own rented house fully paid for a whole year ? I am still looking for a business that he can do , so he will help himself and meet his families demands ??, He is still under my custody and I make sure he has food and basic needs, ” I can’t continue living eating in a palace ,while my family is suffering, , as I promised my family ,that I am going to Mombasa to look for a life ,and once i am successful, I will come and change their lives too So I want mama to go and build for my grand mother a house next week ,says shadrack ” ????
This was a shock to me, as before this ,he started becoming very negative, Moody and this was scary to me ?
I didn’t know how to handle this , however when I met shadrack ,he told me he had no one ??
This was 3 days after we left hospital during lockdown/ carfew ??????
On the 12.6.2020 ?
I was not born to cause pain ,I was born to provide solutions.
BRAVO SHADRACK ??” she concluded