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Akothee reveals plans to retire from the Entertainment Industry


Controversial singer Esther Akoth a.k.a Akothee has revealed when she intends to retire and her retirement plan.

The Abebo hit maker took to social media on Wednesday to reveal that she intends to retire once she clocks 45. This means that the singer will only be active in the entertainment industry for the next five years.

Akothee also revealed that once she retires from active duty, her main focus will be shifted to charities.

Akothee also maintained that she intends to use the next five years to mainly build herself before bidding the industry goodbye.

“The energy I had when I was 20 ?was not the same when I turned 30 ?,and will not be the same when I am 50 ,I want to use my 40s properly do hard things ,wake up early ,so I can have an easy life at my 50s and enjoy my sleep, my bed is not running away ?? actually I don’t have an alarm ,my dreams wakes me up automatically?‍♂️?‍♂️. I have set a target in my life that I must achieve. I will pick up the Foundation / charity as my retirement plan ??when I turn 45. For the next coming 5 years I need it for myself . You can only work on yourself because you know yourself better, you have to choose and put things in place. I will finish building my empire ,then go back to building rescue centers / schools / churches. Just hold on and pray with me. If God could change my life ! He will definitely help me change peoples lives too. We don’t stop when we are tired ,we stop when we are done ???get up and manifest in that dream ????????????,” shared Akothee.