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Akothee Speaks Of Battling Mental Health

Self-proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee has asked anyone battling mental illnesses to come out and ask for help.

Akothee said this as she revealed that she has been battling depression.

According to Akothee mental illness can happen to anyone regardless of their social class.

 “WHEN YOUR MIND GOES INTO A DEEP REST ( DEPRESSION) MENTAL ILLNESS Has no shame nor class 🔐.Never underestimate the power of negative thinking. I used to judge those who commit suicide until I lost my mind and realised that, once you lose your energy to the negative environment,and you can’t breath nor sleep anymore ,there is no reason to live. Have you ever felt alone in a world full of people? I still can’t understand🙏
When nothing makes sense anymore and you craving for sleep , is nothing to joke about,”
she wrote.

The mother of five also mentions that 90% of people are battling depression and yet they don’t know how to address it adding that it took her alot of self-acceptance before she could start finding a solution to the matter.

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“It Took me self love to start addressing what is ailing me . I took a pen and a paper .wrote down all the things that drain my energy and cover my mind. I spoke to myself and consulted a few people. I had to make drastic decisions however hard they could be,reads the rest of her statement.

Akothee shares that currently she has no room to tolerate anything or anyone who might be a problem to the state of her mental well being.

“You have one life to live ,and life is for the living ATTACK THE REALITY.Good morning.Am I talking to you or taking to myself .Speak out speak up and stand up.Nowdays anything that wants to give me kidogo pressure.I delete and block,”she says.

By Stella Anyango