Akothee To Baby Daddies

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Controversial singer Akothee has released a new song reminding baby daddies of their parental roles.

The song which was officially launched yesterday sends out a strong message to men who have children with women then walk out on them.

She says that baby daddies should remember that parental roles should be for both parents and not just the mother.

The song highlights the life of a wealthy man who has left his wife and children in a miserable condition to go party in the city with young campus girls.

Akothee is known for releasing controversial songs on topical issues in the society having released benefactor early this year to adress the issue of “sponsors”

“Baby day ee, umesahau ya kwamba jukumu la ulezi ni ya wawili…….kwenye social media wewe ni star, baby dady wewe mungu anakuona” she says in the song.

The song has already reached 89,452 views on Youtube just a day after its release.