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Akothee vows not to hire graduates at her company

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Controversial singer Akothee has explained that she does not want to hire graduates at her company because they demand so much.

The Akothee Safaris CEO says most graduates have high demands but cannot deliver the set targets.

According to the singer, most graduates are only looking for offices to slay in and not work.

“I am on the hang of the hover today , but must work, hey this lady has been working for me for 5 years , yet she came with 0 experience, she can do anything, from farm to cooking. The problem with young generation now, they are looking for an office to slay ,they want to be associated with big names.” She said

She added that she stopped reading CVs after she realized most graduates have high scores on paper but cannot transfer those scores practically.

“I don’t read CVS especially from graduates, full of rubbish, most of them I employed, cannot download what they have on papers to practical, I am afraid some of them looks like they bought exams or someone sat the papers for them , as a parent I am worried, I have employed more than 20 graduates that I had to release on the first month” she said

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