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Akothee weighs in on Maureen Waititu-Frankie Scandal


Controversial singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has weighed in on the drama surrounding Youtuber Maureen Waititu and her baby daddy Frankie.

The two have been trending after throwing blame games on each other fallowing a dispute on co-parenting.

Akothee shared a post encouraging baby mamas to focus on themselves rather than go after a man that has decided not to be in their child’s life.

“As a mother, the only moment you will have peace of mind is when you are dead and gone . However, if spirits are alive, you will never have peace if any of your children is not settled or at peace,  it doesn’t matter if she is married, old or young, the pain is the same. I hereby ask and urge single mothers to hold onto the happiness their babies bring forth, you are totally alone in the journey of pregnancy and it’s a bonus or a privilege if you have a supportive partner, which in most cases is not a guarantee from time immemorial and most of the past experiences.” She said

Akothee asked single mother to avoid going after their baby daddies adding that, that energy will only cause more harm.

“We don’t wish to be single parents or bring up children in broken relationships  but some circumstances forced or might force us to do so for the better growth & future of the kids. However, the bottom line is, the energy you use in running after a partner who is not interested in the life of the children is much more than the one you would use to collect yourself . It’s hard i know, but this is a grown-up with all his senses, he will do what he knows best, either humiliate you more or cause more damage to your heart , its up to you to choose  ” Akothee added