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Akothee weighs in on Vera Sidika, Otile Brown Drama

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By Annette Amondi

Days after socialite and business woman Vera Sidika brought to light her ex’s shenanigans, fellow singer Akothee has weighed in on the matter.

Akothee took to social media to advise young girls to learn from Vera’s story rather than criticize her.

Akothee narrated how Vera could have ended up as a single mum focusing on her baby’s food and diapers rather than taking expensive holidays.

Stop making noise for @queenveebosset and learn something
Why do men share our nudes and sex tapes after a break up ? We have just learnt that most women go through alot but keep it to themselves just to keep the relationship running in the name of love!  Imagine vera would have joined teamsingle mothers if she wasn’t smart , definitely she was the one paying Bill’s, so she just ignored her heart and engaged her brain , so is the birth control , I would like to know the birth control she is using so that our girls can learn too”she said

Akothee also weighed in on Otile’s D game saying every woman needs to be satisfied.

“Singapore you posing ,ungeonea view sasa , forget about your designers and start thinking of milk and Pampers forget about the hustle for a nanny, and because of tour Instagram inlaws also part of the baby , the court case drama begins, so you will have to cancel flights and bookings to attend court, deep down your heart knowing the guy dint love you and here he is chasing the baby, who would look exactly like him , another mistake, Get a baby when you are ready vnot when a man dictates, says the president of single mothers CONDOM KWA MINGII, baby mamas tukutane nyuma ya tent ya blue , DO YOU FEEL VERA , OR DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? even at my age and status , they still think they can box me with this baby shit , Omo we woke up, As we complain that what she did was wrong , what are you doing that is right that people can learn from ? I learnt a big lesson , sorry for the victims though” wrote Akothee.


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