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Akothee’s daughter dating MCA Tricky, Davido’s relationship issues, here’s your weekly entertainment round up

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While it was a rather normal week in the entertainment industry a few entertainers managed to catch Kenyans attention. So what went down on the chit chat platforms this week? Here’s the weekly round up on stories that made headlines.

  1. Davido and Fiance Chioma

Nigerian singer Davido has broken his silence after allegations surfaced that his fiancé Chioma Avril Rowland cheated on him.

Nigerian media personality Dr Kemi Olunloyo, took to twitter to expose Chioma and singer Perruzi’s relationship

For a long time the two (Chioma and Peruzzi) have been believed to be cousins but Dr. Kemi now claims Peruzzi is Chioma’s pimp.

After Dr. Kemi’s posts, fans were shocked after another post went viral claiming Davido said he is not sure if he is the biological father of his son Ifeanyi with Chioma.

“I’m sorry for saying trash to you back then, now I realize you’re saying the truth. Only god knows if am truly ifeanyi biological father. Nothing is hidden under the sun forever. Am just praying for god to see me through this hard time.” The alleged post read

However the singer has revealed that the post is fake and that he does not doubt his son’s paternity.

“Any of you that legit believes that fake photoshopped tweet going round of me talking trash of my son can’t be stable.” He said

  1. Deejay Mo and Size 8

Deejay Mo and Size 8 ended up being trolled after the couple shared a post inviting their fans for a Valentines day dinner.

However fans took issue with the price of the dinner dubbed ‘Dine with the murayas’

According to fans  the Ksh.7000 and 10,000 is way too much for them.

Dj Mo was forced to clear the air after fans attacked their upcoming event.

According to Mo, the prices are okay since it’s inclusive of a four course meal, wine and activities.

“I don´t know why people think the event is expensive because the fee includes all the activities and the four-course meal. We want to make Valentine´s Day different from what people have been doing. Even if we put it at the lowest price, there are still those who will still not afford” he said

  1. MCA Tricky dating Akothee’s daughter

Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby has been making headlines with allegations that she is dating comedian MCA Tricky.

The two have been dominating chitchat headlines after being spotted hanging out on different occasions.

So are the two an item? Rue’s mother Akothee recently shared a video questioning her daughter about her relationship with the comedian.

“How is your boyfriend MCA Tricky? Why are you catching feelings, or you are surprised that I know?”  Akothee asks

Akothee then asks her daughter Vesha if the two are an item to which she responds with “They’ve been going out”

Is Rue dating MCA Tricky?

  1. Wahu Kagwi

Gospel star Wahu Kagwi fired shots at  trolls who are constantly sending her messages on how she should live.

In an online post, Wahu says she lives outside the conventional societal expectations so no one should expect her to live how they see fit.

“I intentionally work towards living my life outside any conventional boxes….the societal expectations, the “mùtarataras….” the “huku kunaendaga hivis”….those are like little prisons… don’t know about you, but I ain’t nobody’s prisoner. I ain’t breaking the law of the land and I’m constantly striving to walk closer with my God and living in harmony with others, and my family is ok, the rest are details.” She wrote

Wahu also asked trolls to stop flooding her inboxes asking her to change her lifestyle.

“So please don’t be dm-ing me about what you think I should or should not do… quite frankly, and I mean this in the nicest way….It doesn’t matter too much ?. I’m intentionally doing me. I’m not perfect… not an angel…I dont know it all… but I’m doing me..and me..may not necessarily be what you expect. Please be ok with that. Lets do ourselves a favour and strive to become the best versions of ourselves… not what is “expected” of us.” She added

  1. Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson

Rapper Curtis Jackson popularly known as 50 Cent was labelled as a control freak by the social media community after forcing his girlfriend to delete a post on social media.

The rapper’s girlfriend Cuban Link had shared a post work out photo on social media which didn’t sit well with the rapper.

“I killed the gym today, or maybe the gym killed me, either way, I won” Cuban captioned the photo

Moments after sharing the picture, 50 commented on the photo calling out the lass for sharing such a photo online.

“I just landed, why you gotta be doing sh** like this? You send this to my phone not on Instagram. What the f***?” 50 commented

Moments later, the lady pulled down the photo from her Instagram account.


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