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Akothee’s daughter special birthday request will touch your heart


akothee Akothee’s third born daughter turned 18 years on Wednesday 21st March and as usual fans expected the controversial singer to shower her with lavish gifts.

In her birthday message to her daughter, Akothee asked her daughter to tell her what she wanted for her birthday and promised to give her.

She went on to narrate how she had conceived her baby after her parents took her to school.

“You Know I have never told you that you were conceived while I was in the wilderness not knowing my begining or my end , your grandparents had chased me away with your two sisters and I had to go back to my parents , my mum was very eager to see me graduate like my age mates even though I was already a mother of 3 @18 years old , so she took me back to school , life was not easy , your father was still in love with me and visited me in my small mabati house in Asego kanyada as I was a day scholar,I was sooo attached to my children that boarding school was a no for me !

“I remember him buying me a stove so that It would be easy and faster for me to prepare my breakfast not to get late for school , your father was a student too so he only shared with me what he had !most of the support I got from my grandmother & my parents ! See what the stove brought on board !after the stove the following month was a no go school ! Apudo @fancy_makadia Apudo was create.” wrote Akothee

Akothee’s daughter Makadia, suprised her mother when she said she did not want any fancy gifts on her birthday and instead asked her mum to pick one needy girl and sponsor her education.

In a long Instagram post, Makadia wrote how she wont ask for a car, a plane or a new wardrobe because she knows she can have that any time.

“@akotheekenya i would have asked for a new wardrobe, a car, a party, hata ndege coz I know I know you can get me any of these things..Instead of spending all that money on me, I would love that you pay for a girl child who is suffering somewhere in this country school fees.. because there is more to giving than receiving.” She wrote

Akothee immediately responded to her daughters post saying she was not expecting her to ask for such but she would heed to her request.