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Akothee’s manager responds he’s funded by a rich lady


Nelly Oyugi alias Nelly Oaks, Akothee’s former manager has come out to rubbish allegations that he is being bank rolled by a rich lady.

According to Nelly, he is tired on the gossip doing rounds on social media and has decided to address it.

“People gossip, people are insecure, so they talk about other people so that they won’t be talked about. They point out flaws in other people to make them feel good about themselves. Look do not tag me in any rubbish or i block you completely.” he said

Nelly also went on point out that his success has nothing to do with Akothee and that his lifestyle is way too high for anyone to bankroll.

Akothee and Nelly have on several occasions been linked to dating rumors but they never came out to address the matter instead rode on that wave to create controversy.