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Akothee’s sister Cebbie Kokeyo exposed as a home wrecker


On Tuesdays singer Esther Akoth’s sister Elseba Awuor Kokeyo popularly known as Cebbie was the talk of town.

The lass was exposed by blogger and tea master Edgar Obare for being a serial cheat who lives lavishly by depending on men.

In a series of posts shared on Edgar Obare’s instagram stories, an unidentified lady accused Cebbie of breaking her marriage then proceeding to insult her.

The anonymous lady who was accusing Cebbie even went ahead to claim that Akothee’s sister had admitted to using charms on men for years!

According to the leaked screenshots, Cebbie has also been dating ohangla maestro Musa Jakadala whom she left for a different guy.

The expose took a different turn when Cebbie was accused of trash talking her celebrity sister Akothee.

In the said text messages, Cebbie accuses Akothee of living a fake life adding that she pretends to help people only for the gram.

The expose comes days after city doctor Juspus Rusana proposed to Cebbie who said yes.