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Akuku Danger Calls For Sensitization Of Sickle Cell Anaemia

Comedian Akuku Danger has pleaded with the government to start sensitization and awareness campaigns on the Sickle Cell Anaemia

According to the comedian, there is no enough sensitization of the condition to parents and even some doctors.

He has also asked the government to provide insurance covers for sickle cell patients just like it has for patients with cancer.

“They really need to go educate doctors and also parents because even most of the parents do not even know how to differentiate between sickle cell and Leukemia. There is no support, you see for cancer patients there are insurance covers to accommodate them in terms of medicine and treatment but sickle cell patients are on their own. If the government in one way or another wanaweza come through for that inaweza saidiana sana mobilization and just teaching people this,” Akuku Danger said.

Akuku who is a sickle cell patient says that most doctors in the remote areas do not understand the condition and that he was forced to help in administering his own medication.

Juu even the doctors kuna hospitali zingine nikienda juu we go to shows everywhere sometimes we go to Isiolo or Turkana na nafika kwa hospitali and I have a crisis na saa zingine unaweza ata lia now unafika uko and even the doctors do not understand how to manage it. Most of the doctors do not understand how to manage it and so many sickle cell patients will tell you. So unapata am there am sick and still I have to direct the doctor on what medication works for me,” he added.

The comedian further revealed that he has received a lot of DM’s with questions relating to the disease.

Unaona venye iyo time I was sick, that is when so many people came to my DM on facebook and on instagram. They are so many people who have this sickle cell or have someone related to them with sickle cell but there is no education about this particular disease and not many people know about it. The government honestly is not doing enough in terms of mobilization and teaching people about this,” says Akuku.

The comedian says he has been with the disease for 31 years and some doctors were always pushing him to give up.