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“Akwende!” Singer Avril tells off Naiboi amid online beef

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By Annette Amondi

Songstress Judith Nyambura popularly known as Avril has fired back shots at singer Naiboi.

The two were embroiled in an online beef late last week after Naiboi cautioned his fans against tagging Avril in his posts.

Naiboi had asked his fans to name one female artist they would like to see him collaborate with but asked fans not to mention Avril.

According to Avril, she says the beef started when she did not do Naiboi’s 2n1 video back in 2018.

She says Naiboi gave her a short notice and that she had just gotten home from delivering her baby.

“From my understanding nilimnyima video ya 2in1. So I had just delivered my baby and I was in recovery mode. So Naiboi akanitumia message akaniambia “Hey is it possible for you, (lakini siwezi vindicate sana lakini no one knew I was in recovery) to do a video for me, I said yes. Sasa mimi nafikiria hii video nafaa kufanya in like a week, so me I thought ni kitu kama ya one week and I will be ready to do, mdogo mdogo two hours later anashinda akituma messages ile video niaje, Kesho ile video, aiish Dude!!!” she said

She went on to lash out at Naiboi for holding onto the past arguing that he should move on.

“So mimi si kurespond , I didn’t say anything, Nilijiambia tu kwa akili yangu I don’t need this kind of pressure right now niko na enough issues, nafikiria venye nitapumbia maziwa mtoto wangu, hata kuketi ilikuwa shida, alafu mtu bado anataka niende nifanye make-up nikafanye video. So when I said I did not feel like doing it, it was true, I was not in that space, so beef ikaanza hapo. So the next thing naskia kwa radio akisema Avril and Victoria Kimani refused to be in the video. Hiyo ni story ya 2018. So January 8th, naamka nimetagiwa kwa post ya Naiboi, I’m looking for a female artiste na tafadhali msinitajie Avril? Are we still on this? So mi sijui bado nimekasirikiwa, aiii! A kwende. Makasiriko ya 2018 tusilete 2020” said Avril

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