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Al Shabaab suspect detained in Mombasa


By Magi Kadzo

Mombasa court has allowed anti-terror police to detain a terror suspect for five days to allow them complete investigations.

In an affidavit filed in a Mombasa Court, police had requested court to grant them more time to hold Richard Lazaro Kivatsi to allow anti-terror forensic access information from his phones.

The accused was arrested at his place of work in Shimanzi by ATPU on 11th March 2021 for allegedly being a member of Al Shabaab.

In the affidavit, police said that the accused person’s mobile phones showed that he was in contact with some other accused persons charged with terror-related offenses that are out on bond and breached the bond terms by not attending court and are at large do date.

Police further said that Kivatsi had radicalized youths in Likoni, Majengo Mapya area and in Shimanzi where he works as casual labor

“Anti-terror police have intelligence reports that some of the persons he has radicalized have crossed the country border to Somalia and Mozambique to engage in terror-related activities via illegitimate routes along our vast border thus has the capacity and incentive to use the said routes within his knowledge to move outside the court’s jurisdiction as the sentence for this is up to 30 years,” read the affidavit.

Police also identified Allan Ali Juma case number 1558/2018 and Salim Rashid case number 971/2020 whom they alleged are in Mozambique fighting for al Qaeda and are facing terror charges in Mombasa.

Mombasa Chief Magistrate Edina Nyaloti directed the case to be heard on 3rd March.