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Alai accuses Jaguar Of Pushing Ringtone To Charge Him

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Blogger Robert Alai has accused Starehe MP Jaguar of pushing musician Ringtone to charge him in court over their road drama.

Alai also claims that Ringtone is using him to chase clout and to seek sympathy from Kenyans following the altercation that happened between them.

Ringtone is like my brother and I do not want anything to happen to him but this issue happened lakini hawezi tumia hii issue kumaliza issue zake zote. Dryspell yote amekuwa nayo kwa shida ya celebrity na kutafta interviews anataka hii issue imalize. I have known Rigntone for a very long time and I think he is not himself and he is being driven by people like Jaguar. This issues involves deeper issues and utaona tu everything will fall into place,” Alai said.

He also revealed that he has more than 40 cases in court and does not intimidate Judges like Ringtone who went to court with an ambulance.


There are people who create stories, Ringtone nikama Miguna, carrer imestagnate akipata issue ndogo ndio sasa anataka kumaliza shida zote na issue moja. You do not be a man by being a baby and chasing clout. It is very unfortunate kuhire ambulance kukuja nayo kwa court na kuinimadate judge, mimi nimekuwa na probably 40 cases since 2014 so siwezi disrespect court,” Alai added.

The famous blogger did not talk much about the court issue because of fear of being charged of contempt by the court.

In August, Robert Alai was charged for allegedly assaulting the gospel musician after their road saga in July.




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