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Alarm as former boda boda operators turn to robbery

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A section of Boda boda operators in Kisumu County have sounded an alarm over a new wave of crime involving former boda boda operators killing and raping citizens.

The operators from Carwash area in Migosi Ward claim that so far four people have been attacked by the thugs in the car wash area that is right opposite Carwash police satation.

Kisumu Central Boda boda Chairman Fred Ochieng Obala says that some of the suspects are people who used to operate boda boda before but abandoned the job.

Obala says that the former boda boda riders unfortunately turned to crime after making losses during the pandemic.

“Most of bodaboda riders in this area used to ride motorbike which are on loan. The demolition of Kibuye and Kakamba markets saw them lose their biggest clientele hence running into losses,” said Obala.

“So majority of those who used to work in the sector dumped and allegedly turned into thuggery. Nowadays no one can pass Carwash Police Station or bridge past 8pm,”says Fred.

Last week a tuk tuk driver was attacked and killed and two motorbike riders accused of raping customers.

Obala says that it is unfortunate that they have turned the area into a crime infested zone, something that had been done away with.

According to Obala registered boda boda riders used to partner with the police before to arrest the criminals but things have currently changed since most demand payment.

“We usually have our own way of curbing such instances though now it is not possible as everyone is busy looking for means of survival. So, it is hard to engage them on such issues without payment. We used to conduct raids in groups,” he added.


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