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Alarm over new wave of crime in Manyatta, Kisumu

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By Jacob Oluoch

Local authorities in Kisumu’s Manyatta B Location have sounded an alarm over a new wave of crime that has hit the area.

This follows the killing of a 35 year old suspect who was accused of breaking into people’s houses at night. His counterpart however escaped.

Manyatta B Chief Agnes Akinyi has condemned the incident urging the youth to engage themselves in meaningful income earning activities.

“Occasionally we have encountered theft cases, it is not easy. Some people are just lazy who don’t want to work hard,” said Akinyi.

“I understand Corona has affected the lives of many. Let the youth start even small businesses like selling groundnuts. Let them sell even vegetables or even do farming which many have neglected,” she explained.

She says that they have also increased vigilance in the area to ensure that the residents are safe.

” Yesterday I was out 7pm to around 11pm just ensuring that our people are safe. We also ensure curfew hours respected and with this alarming increase in insecurity within the slums,” she stated.


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