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Alarming number of pregnant street girls in Githurai


Githurai residents have sounded an alarm over the alarming number of pregnant street families being spotted in the area.

Edwin Njonjo who runs a rehabilitation program for street children in the area says the high number of street children being spotted has never been experienced in the area.

According to Njonjo most of these families are young underage girls.

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It is also not yet known who helps these girls deliver as most of the times when they give birth they usually disappear from the streets to unknown locations.

Just the other day a street girl told Ghetto Radio that most of them give birth on the streets with the help of their inexperienced colleagues.

According to the street girl, their resolve to give birth on the streets was informed by the rising cases of baby theft in hospitals.

The residents have called on the government to conduct raids on these dens and save the young girls.