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Once again, the Twitter Family has renewed the rivalry between Conscious rapper Juliani and Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua.

This is after the latter shared video’s and photo’s of himself and his host spurring marshal arts-Tae Kwondo while on an official state visit in Seoul Korea.

The government official revealed being feted with the highly coveted ‘Black Belt’ by one of Tae Kwondo guru’s – Grandmaster Lee courtesy of his Korean counterpart Dr. Park Kim, Foreign minister.

“Cultural Diplomacy with a bit of Tae Kwondo

As part of our visit to Seoul Korea, my counterpart, Foreign Minister Dr. Park Jim, organized for me to visit the World Headquarters of Tae Kwondo (Kikkuwon) where Grandmaster Lee made me an honorary 6th Dan Black Belt” Said Mutua.

Tae Kwondo A Family Affair.

The youthful minister and former Machakos County boss, maintained that he was drawn to Tae Kwondo some years back and has a son whose exploits to the sport are outstanding.He added that it was only a matter of time before he goes back to his younger self who was better at it then.

“In my late teens and early twenties, I practiced Tae Kwondo before picking up Temple Kungfu. I need to find time to get back to the sport. I am getting rusty. As they say, like father like son, I am proud of the fact that my first born son, two weeks ago, qualified and is now a black belt holder in Tae Kwondo.

It was fun to participate in a few polite Tae Kwondo demonstrations at the home of the art.

Thank you the great people of Korea for this great gift to the world “Added Mutua

It was this moment that drew netizens to a hilarious Mutua, Juliani duel following their marriage saga pitying Lilian Nganga.

Funny suggestions rent the internet with many pointing out that it was pay back time for Mutua to kick some ‘sense’ into Juliani for eloping with his former flame.

“Juliani should look for a place to hide. The intention is bad” Fired one user.

“Juliani has just issued a statement saying that his life is in danger. This is after the CS for Foreign Affairs Alfred Mutua was reported to have been awarded a black belt by the South Korean based Tae Kwondo HQ. Juliani has asked to be accorded state security ” shot another user.

” Juliani should be worried, the captain of Cobra Squad has gone to South Korea for a refresher training “Appeared another comment.

Lilian Nganga separated from Alfred Mutua after being together for a decade, she went on and married rapper Juliani to everyone’s astonishment and already share a son named Utheri, kikuyu translation for light.

Must Alfred Mutua trend with Juliani just asking for a friend? Drop a suggestion.

By Steve Osaka.


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