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Ali Kiba confirms his marriage to Amina Khalef is on the rocks



Months after allegations hit gossip sites that Ali Kiba has divorced his wife barely a year after their wedding, he has finally spoken out.

According to King Kiba, it’s true his marriage has been facing difficulties but he maintains they have not called it quits.

The singer also refuted allegations that he took his wife, Amina Khalef back to her home in Mombasa.

“It is true our marriage is on the rocks, but it is not true that I have divorced her. I have not taken her back to Mombasa. It is also not true that she refused to stay with my mother and siblings. Stop spreading lies and work,” he said

Earlier, vlogger Mkamburi Chigogo spilled the beans on social media claiming that the two fell out just months after tying the knot.

According to the vlogger,  the King of Bongo was not treating his wife well since they got married and even alleged that he cheated on his wife.