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Ali Kiba’s song hits a million views hours after its release

Ali Kiba's song hits a million views hours after its release


Tanzania’s bongo star Ali Kiba is officially the first East African artiste to hit a million views on Youtube within hours of uploading a song.

Ali Kiba’s song dubbed “Seduce Me” was released on Friday and just hours after its official release the song bagged a million views.

The song which is a mix of English and the usual Swahili bongo feel captivated fans all over the world with many praising the artiste’s latest project and good quality video.

Surprisingly Ali Kiba himself has not even been hyping the song since it was uploaded. The song has been so far promoted by music show Mseto East African and other artistes.

Seduce me is a song about a couple united by their thug life however the lady uses her seductive skills to divert the man’s attention from their latest loot and takes off with it.

The song is currently at 1,810,617 views two days after its release.