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  • Ali Kibas’ Wife slam bongo star over divorce delays
  • Amina cites disrespects from Ali Kiba

The Bongo superstar  Ali Kiba is now facing another trouble this is after his wife Am,in Khalef slammed him publicly for not adhering to divorce process that was initiated.

Amina has continuously  shown her  desire to part ways with Kiba whom she says dierespts her.

In a statement, Amina revealed that despite their separation she still have troubles caused by Tanzanian artist.

Amina says she has distanced herself from the relationship, Ali Kiba has kept her hostage by referring to her as “someone’s wife” while living his life without any restrictions.

“I have realized the need to address this; I think it has become too much! I am tired of being disrespected publicly, while people fail to understand the situation behind the scenes, the shadow of being ‘someone’s wife,” she  said.

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“In the name of protecting his brand, as he claims, I kindly ask him to sign the papers so that I can obtain my divorce, and each of us can continue to live freely. Thank you!” Amina added.

The case filed at Kadhis Court in Mombasa last year.

“Should you fail to appear within the time mentioned above, the plaintiff may proceed with the suit and judgment given in your absence,” read the Kadhi’s order.

By Allan Otieno

June 16, 2023

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