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Why Alikiba is Linking Diamond Platnumz With His Microphone Cut Off Incidence and Shoddy Performance At Chris Brown’s Concert.

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aliThe King of Bongo music, one King Kiba alias Alikiba is burning with fury for having been framed to look to his huge fanbase at the Chris Brown’s show last weekend.

At this point,we can now understand that Vanessa Mdee could have smelt a rat with the organizers before quitting at the very last stage.

So apparently, Ali Kiba’s mic was turned off just when he was about to begin his anticipated performance,y’all know…”Ali Ni Kipenzi Cha Watu.”

Speaking exclusively to Citizen TV’s Willy M. Tuva, Alikiba has just let the cat out of the bag after revealing how Diamond Platnumz might have played part in the saddening incidence.

“I saw Diamonds manager backstage. What was he doing there before I performed? It’s not a good show having him there. Even though guys think we don’t have beef, he wasn’t supposed to be there,” reasoned Alikiba.

Everyone had his agreement,Chris brown was going to leave and he was given 80 mins to perform so I had like 30 minutes to perform. So someone came and disconnected the mic,” he further laments to Tuva.

Whilst others felt like Alikiba had refused to perform before Wizkid-baring in mind Alikiba is huge in Kenya than Wizid….Ali kiba just cleared the air. The mic was disconnected and the sound system malfunctioned out of the blues.
“I tried showing them the mic wasn’t walking before walking away. That’s when fans started shouting because they wanted me to really perform. I was to start but since I was doing a live show, Wizkid was forced to start because of the sound system.

He later explains how he ended up using a CD for his performance, later after Chris Brown left. I was eventually forced to use a CD for my performance.”
Kiba also quotes that he eventually performed after a brief talk with Governor Joho backstage.

Bottom line ….What was Diamond Platnumz’ Manager doing there??? There was no business for him there honestly.

Are you Team Kiba or Team Platnumz???

Check out the interview below;




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