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Alikiba Reveals How Three Women Almost Gang Raped Him In The US

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Tanzanian musician Alikiba has revealed that he almost got raped while doing a show in the United States.

The musician says that the incident took place when they were having a party after he had finished with his show.

“Nilinusurika kubakwa huko Amerikani. Bahati mzuri huko kuna limit ya kukaa kwa muda flani hivi. Sasa wakati tumetoka show ikiisha wanafanya after party na kwa hiyo after party unachukuwa room moja extra ya kufanyia party,” said Alikiba.

Alikiba added that he was sleepy and went to his room without informing anyone which worried his friends who started looking for him.

He was found in the room but the friend forgot to close the door behind him giving three girls the opportunity to enter his room and attempt to rape him.

Kuparty mimi sasa ikafika muda flani kama battery ikawa low ikabidi nianze kulala nikaingia kwa room yangu sasa nataftwa uko kwenye party na sionekani kwa sababu sikusema nikitoka. Alikuja akanipata kwa room yangu na akanipata akisema nilikuwa nimewatia wasiwasi. Alipotoka alisahau kufunga mlango na hapo ndipo waschana watatu wakapata fursa ya kuingia kwenye room yangu,” he added.

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When asked why his wife did not attend his album launch, the musician said that his wife was taking care of their new born baby.

“My wife is back at home, she just got a newborn baby boy. He is my fifth child and he is three months-old and he needs to be taken good care of,” said the singer.

Alikiba recently launched his third album called ‘Only one King’ and even did an album listening party here in Kenya.


VIDEO OF THE DAY; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=417MSp7nBwg