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Allow Pregnant Children Back To Schools – Sossion


The Kenya National Union of Teachers  now wants the government to set gender desk in schools as schools reopen saying  teachers must be ready accept all children that went through different types of molestation including early pregnancy at the time they were home.

Addressing the media today Sossion says teachers are skilled in handling psychological torture and that they must give children support as they re-open.

‘‘It now understood that schools are now safer than home bring back  every child whether she is pregnant or not.. the psycho-social support is key and it must be done by every teacher not some teachers,’’ Sossion said.

According to the statistics by Gender Based Violence Recover Centre 1145  children were molested at home during this Covid -19 period with 17 girls  turning HIV positive.

GBRC’s Executive Director Alberta Wambua says the most affected are girls and that high  psycho-social support is needed as they re-open.

‘‘That’s  just a fraction, we have several who never showed up and there are those who came after 72 hours and also 68% of those who have been  molested are always by  relatives or people the victms know making reporting such cases difficult,’’ she added.