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Allow PSVs to carry full capacity, matatu owners now tell govt

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Long distance public service vehicles now want the government to allow them carry full capacity saying that passengers are safe with masks.

The matatu owners argue that and it is time the social distancing protocol was dropped.
In an interview with Ghetto Radio News ClassicAllow Sacco boss Immaculate Mugo says that the protocol has been violated by some saccos making those complying to lose revenue.

She adds that with masks, it has been proven that no passenger is at risk.

‘‘The government should reconsider and lift this restriction because we are losing a lot yet trains, airplanes people just use masks and they are safe,’’ she said.

She further hit out at Kenya Revenue Authority for not considering the number of passengers in vehicles when collecting advance tax from PSVs.
‘‘Were are still paying Ksh.10,800 shillings per 14 seater vehicle which means we pay Ksh. 720 for every passenger in a matatu yet we do not carry full capacity.’’ She added.


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